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Mar. 12th, 2016


JB's gif from Flight Log : Departure

I really love JB is in their new trailer "Flight Log : Departure" :)
I can't stop myself to create gif of him #^-^#. I just LOVE him.

moar? (warn : heavy gif)Collapse )


Jan. 11th, 2016

Jae ribbon

Damien Rice and JB


Anyone knows him?
Frankly speaking, I just knew this singer some days ago.

I heard some songs of him. Honestly, they are awesome love songs (most of it). But, not my type :D. The songs are too slow for me (as my favorite genre music is RnB/HipHop/Pop) and .... love songs (!!!).

So.. the question is why I tried to listen on his songs? Because of ... JB!! XD

Nah.. just because I watched one of GOT7's (or JJProject?) reality show and JB mention about his favorite singer. Then, as a good fan (wuuut) I tried to know him well (right? :P) so that's why I ended up listen Damien Rice songs! LOL.

I'm quite surprise to know that JB makes Damien Rice as his favorite singer. If you (try to) listen the songs, most of them is about love and has very deep meaning, not in good term but in another way. It's very sad and so melancholic. That's why I wrote before this genre is not my type, I couldn't stand the songs that has down feeling (no offence for Damien Rice fans ^^v).

So that's my story for today :). Have a nice day!

May. 6th, 2013


Day 1 : Self Portrait

I'm doing 30-days to do list start from today..!!

And this is DAY 1 : SELF PORTRAIT
Monday, 06 May 2013
tadaaaa..!Collapse )
Still 29 days onward!! Good luck for me~~ :)
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30 days to DO THINGS

Yeap this is me.. It took many times, and finally I posted journal again :)
Why? Just wanna do some excited things (again) in my LIFE.

My friend got me an idea to do such an excited thing..
Here it is..

it start.... TODAY!! Monday, 06 May 2013 :)
Just hope that I can follow the list and do whatever say in there.. and yeap I will upload all pics here as in on that list.
Can I?

30-days-to-do listCollapse )

Just wait and see!! ;)
-my closed friend's fav quote-
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Aug. 8th, 2012


Please, make it REAL! :'(

Open the livejournal, read the FriendPage.. and found this that made me SO FREAK OUT!!



This is TRUE? Because everyone's talking about this :((((((((((((((
I really miss them as 5.. 제발!

Mar. 19th, 2012

key - smile

ETUDE Folder, Free!!

No.. I don't share the ETUDE folders. :D

Yap!! I got ETUDE folders FREE!!!! those are from my friends..
They only use ETUDE products for their make up and everything.

Today, my friends and I went to Sunway Pyramid mall, and yes there is ETUDE store ^^
They bought this and that, many things.. Me? No, I don't buy anything. HAHAHAHA I use another product, sorry to say :P

And.. when they went back from cashier, they gave me
these folders.. yay!Collapse )

Oh I remember, last day I used ccleaner program and coincidentally got this
Wings resultCollapse )

Well.. back to ETUDE, the store is still fill-up with Sandara photos and etc.. SHINee only got few display and it's not that eye catching.. :/
Oh but the GIFT is SHINee's related so it's OK! XD

Feb. 28th, 2012

Jae ribbon

Found some hillarious things!

On Saturday, I went to some malls with my friends.. YAY!

First, I dropped in Berjaya Times Square. I went there coz shawar a.k.a Nello told me about one KPOP store (My Star Collection) in there. AND WOOOOOOOOOOW the store is ALL ABOUT KPOP IDOL! 대박 o_O!!! I was looking for SINGLES magz which Junsu as cover, but didn't find :(. Fortunately, you could book it.. ^^ just realized that the price is too expensive for me, so I decided to buy it next time or get scan from some friends :DDDDD

Then, I was going to Low Yat.. It is like BEC in my country (if u don't know about it, never mind :D). and guess what, I FOUND
handsome thingCollapse )

The journey still continue, next place was Pavillion. It is NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE place for hanging out. And there is TOKYO STREET arena where you could find anything Japan related.. My brother would like this! He's kinda otaku :/

Aaaaaaand when I was looking around, I noticed something
hillarious ;)Collapse )

Ok, the end.. hahahahaha. This country is nice place :) and this time, I start feeling comfort to be here..
and my migrain was gone, THANKS GOD!!!

Feb. 20th, 2012


Hello... again :)

Yeah it's me! Finally I post a journal again..long time, huh!

I am now in .. .. .. yeah Malaysia! so many things happened, resigned from my previous job, back to my hometown, stayed in hometown for one week, waited update from Msia's company, looked for living house, moved to Malaysia and finally here I am :)

For 2 days, I noticed that in here more update about KPOP! Yeah the first thing I did in here is check MUSIC STORE! mhuahahahaha.. I found MOZART DVD!  in Indo is no sell nowhere :'(  JYJ, SHINee, yeah my biases XDDDDD.

and I found
THISCollapse )
And hope I could meet some Cassies or Shawols or KPOPers in here ^^

Jun. 15th, 2011


[AVA] Yoochun and Taemin

yah! have been looooooong time I didn't put anything on my journal.. kekekekeke..
busy.. busy.. as always and yes yes lazy xP

Long time ago, I made Chunnie's ava from NII pic.. and I never show it up, so yeah this is it!!
Check it out! :DCollapse )

and I just finished Taemin's ava from Hanako Mag Japan..
wanna see?Collapse )

Nov. 22nd, 2010


[STUFF] My Lucifer Album Photos

Too bad I got Jjong's card.. I WANNA KEY!!! wanna barter??? :DDDD

[click for larger]

[click for larger]

[click for larger]

[click for larger]

My friends got Taemin.. and no one got KEY :(
I never listen the songs from CD :DD

and next month should buy JYJ - The Beginning!! :D
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